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Young swims, climbs cliff to escape
Christopher T. Young is charged with evading arrest.

A man jumped in the river and scaled a cliff to outrun the law, only to be taken into custody a short time later.
The fugitive, Christopher T. Young, 31, is charged with evading arrest, possession of meth and driving on a revoked license.
His Saturn Ion was spotted on East End Drive by deputy Jared Jacobs who realized Young’s license was suspended. The officer followed the suspect to Rocket Park off Beersheba Street. The driver pulled to the boat ramp behind the park and became stuck.
“He slipped from my grasp and ignored orders to halt,” Jacobs swore in his warrant against Young, noting the suspect then went for a swim. “He jumped into the Barren Fork River and swam across.”
While Young was busy scaling the facing cliff on the other side, Jacobs detained other persons who he left behind in the vehicle and radioed for other officers to try to nab the fugitive when he emerged atop the bluff on the other side near Kennedy Street. The deputy soon learned Young wasn’t running just because his license was revoked.
“A female passenger gave me a bag of white, powdery substance weighing approximately 8.2 grams that appeared to be methamphetamine,” the officer reported, noting she said Young threw her the bag before he took off running.
While at first able to evade officers, Young was taken into custody later in the day. He reportedly admitted the drugs belonged to him when he was being booked into the jail.