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Yager Road eyesore pulled from sale
Yager Rd Site in Tax Sale BEST.jpg
Back taxes were paid on this property at the three-way stop at 4437 Yager Road to prevent it from being sold during a delinquent property tax sale.

A delinquent property tax sale may have done little to change the state of an eyesore on Yager Road.

“The delinquent property taxes were paid on the property prior to the sale,” said County Clerk and Master Myra Mara, of 4437 Yager Road. 

Johnny Perry paid $8,091 in back taxes, which prevented the property from being sold at auction. 

Taxes had not been paid on the property for several years and the building has been allowed to deteriorate. It’s located at the three-way stop at the intersection of Yager Road and Short Mountain Road.

Warren County Commissioner Carl D. Bouldin has been an advocate for sale of the property in hopes that new owners will clean it up. 

“I knew that they paid the taxes,” said Bouldin. “Hopefully, they will make something of it that will benefit the community.”

The Yager Road property was one of many properties scheduled to be sold. However, according to Mara, it was the property that drew the most interest.

“That was the property everyone was interested in,” she said. “Once the property taxes were paid, we had to pull it from the sale. I’m sure there was some disappointment.”

The delinquent property tax sale was successful in the sale of 14 properties at $297,408. All properties sold are subject to redemption, which allows additional time for property owners to pay unpaid taxes.