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Woman pulled from burning SUV
Rear-end collision sparks fire
Debbie Foster was airlifted after her SUV was hit from behind and was sent airborne Monday. She was pulled clear of the vehicle before it erupted in flames and was not burned.
A woman was pulled from her wrecked vehicle Monday evening near Lucky just moments before it was engulfed in flames.Debbie Foster, 55, was pulled from her vehicle and was not harmed by the flames, however, she was airlifted to Erlanger due to injuries sustained in a two-car crash on Lucky Road.“The first thing I noticed was the car was in the air,” said Jimmy Walker, who was talking to a neighbor in his driveway when the accident took place. “When we got over there to her, we didn’t want to move her because we thought it might worsen her injuries. Then we heard a pop and smoke started rolling and we knew we had to get her out of there.