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Woman lies about gunman, police say
She's sentenced to year in jail
Sharnika Lanay Mabry entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of perjury.

A woman who lied to police about being attacked by a gunman in a motel parking lot has been sentenced to a year in jail for her deception.
The woman, Sharnika Lanay Mabry, 24, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of perjury and was directed to serve an 11-month, 29-day sentence, plus 15 more days for violation of probation.
Mabry claimed she was accosted in the Scottish Inn parking lot on Sparta Street by a man with a gun.
“She said he showed up and pulled a pistol from his waistband, pointing it at her face and then he punched her in the face,” said McMinnville police detective Todd Rowland of the woman’s claim.
Her story soon began collapsing when police started checking out the details. First, it was discovered that while the man Mabry claimed committed the crime did, at one point, own a handgun, he had pawned the gun in question at noon that day. The incident in which she claimed he held a gun on her happened five hours later.
She also claimed two people were present to witness the gun being pulled on her, but the alleged witnesses said they were not present at the motel when the incident allegedly happened.
Lastly, police took a look at surveillance video from the motel parking lot and found the man Mabry claimed threatened her was not in the parking lot at the time she claimed she was accosted.