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Woman, dog trapped
Vehicle on its side.jpg
The driver of this Ford Escape was trapped inside the vehicle for approximately an hour Friday morning as emergency personnel used the Jaws of Life. Visible in the windshield is EMS employee Joey Clark protecting the occupants with a blanket and his body as McMinnville firefighters cut into the wreckage. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
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Sebastian Novoa, a firefighter in Cannon County, was on his way home from work when he came upon the wreck scene and stopped to offer assistance. He cared for Paisley, the dog pulled from the wreckage, as local emergency personnel continued efforts to free her new owner. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A Friday morning wreck shut down Old Smithville Road for more than an hour as emergency personnel worked to extricate a woman and her dog trapped in an overturned SUV.

Trapped was Lindsay Granados, 20, who was traveling outbound in a Ford Escape. She swerved into oncoming traffic after topping a hill in the area of Rosewood Apartments.

“She said she just picked up the dog and had it in her lap,” said police officer Justin Colwell, who indicated Granados was heading home after adopting the dog from Animal Control. “She was looking down at the dog and trying to move it into the passenger seat. When she looked up, she was on the wrong side of the road.”

Coming at her was an F150 heading inbound driven by Richard Duff, 59.

“Mr. Duff said he attempted to avoid the collision by swerving into the other lane. When Ms. Granados looked up, she attempted to correct and get back into her lane. The vehicles collided causing Granados’ vehicle to spin and flip onto its side.”

Warren County EMS advanced emergency medical technician Joey Clark climbed into the wreckage with Granados as McMinnville Fire Department firefighters cut through the windshield and used the Jaws of Life to open the top of the vehicle.

Clark used a blanket and his body to shield Granados and her dog from flying debris.

“It’s a part of our daily life,” said EMS director Preston Denney. “When someone is trapped, we climb into the vehicle to begin offering medical care. When they have to be cut from the wreckage, we also let them know what we’re doing and what to expect when parts of the car start moving. We stay to protect them.”

The distracted driver had the best of intentions that morning. She adopted the dog from Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. Paisley, who was removed from the wreckage after firefighters cut through the windshield, was handed to a bystander as efforts continued to free her new owner.

Granados and Duff were both transported from the scene to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital. Two passengers in the truck were reportedly uninjured.

Colwell says citations are pending.