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Woman calls 911 to claim she's kidnapped
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A woman has been charged with crying wolf after she called 911 and reported she was being kidnapped by her husband when in fact he was taking her to pick up her car from the repair shop.The woman, Terri Tatum, 29, will face hearing March 7 on the charge of filing a false report.According to Sheriff’s Sgt. Billy Joe Crouch, he and other officers were dispatched to look for Tatum after she claimed her husband was kidnapping her.“We were able to determine that she and her husband were simply having a verbal argument and she was not being kidnapped as she told 911,” Crouch said, noting they were able to find her husband who confirmed there was never a kidnapping.Tatum’s husband told lawmen he was in the process of taking his wife to Manchester to pick up her car from the shop when they received a call her car wasn’t ready.“At that time he drove his wife back to her residence and she refused to exit the vehicle,” Crouch said, noting the husband recalled his wife making the false call while they were traveling down the road. “He said earlier that day, while they were driving to Manchester, his wife called 911 claiming to have been kidnapped.”The husband speculated his wife was angry with him for making the call.