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Woman, 27, busted for stuffing bra with drugs
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A woman with drugs stuffed in her bra has been given an eight-year sentence on narcotics charges.
The woman, Carly L. Blankenship, 27, has entered a guilty plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of possession of meth. She was ordered to serve 180 days of an eight-year sentence and pay $2,000 plus costs. She will be furloughed to the adult recovery program which is an intensive 18-month rehabilitation program overseen by the court that has been shown to lessen the likelihood of recidivism.
Her sentence comes after she was pulled over at Sunnyside Heights in February. “I observed the vehicle cross the white line two times and driving erratically,” said deputy Brystol Davis, noting Blankenship was found behind the wheel.
The deputy said he noticed Blankenship’s passenger, James L. Bailey, acting strange and avoiding eye contact. He asked to search the vehicle at which time a cache of drugs was found along with evidence they may have planned to deal some of the narcotics. Among the items found was a bag of marijuana, pills identified as Promethazine, and two baggies of pills that have been sent for identification. The officer also found two digital scales.
While finding drugs in the car, the larger stash was discovered once a female officer arrived and was able search Blankenship’s person.
“Officer Katelyn Neal of McMinnville Police Department arrived on the scene to search her,” Davis revealed. “When Ms. Blankenship pulled her bra down, the officer spotted a small zipper bag.”
The bag contained several smaller bags and 3.56 grams of meth.
Along with entering a plea to meth possession, Blankenship also admitted to violating her probation and was directed to serve the balance of her sentence.