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Wilcher gets third term as chairman
Blaine Wilcher original

Warren County commissioners received their “new” committee assignments Monday night. 

Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, who was unanimously selected to continue as chair of the Warren County Commission, presented a list of committee assignments. No changes were made from the 2020 committee list.

“I felt the committees were evenly balanced and have worked well together,” said Wilcher when asked about zero committee changes. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

Commissioner Scott Rubley will remain as chairman pro tempore. 

The only change was to parliamentarian, who is now Commissioner Michael Bell. 

“With Commissioner Joseph Stotts requesting to step down as parliamentarian, Commissioner Bell was a good fit,” said Wilcher. 

Because assignments remain unchanged, commission members unanimously approved allowing committees to elect chairpersons when they meet for the first time rather than making those determinations on Monday.

Wilcher was appointed commission chair in 2019 – a split decision – and reappointed in 2020 unanimously. 

“To go from a contested win the first year to two unanimous votes is a pleasant surprise,” said Wilcher. “I hope to help make this last year, before the election cycle, the smoothest.”

Committee assignments:

Budget and Finance – Scott Rubley, Randy England, Cole Taylor, Christy Ross, Tommy Savage.

Building and Grounds – Carl E. Bouldin, Robert Hennessee, Tommy Savage, Phillip Stout, Carlene Brown.

Safety and Beer Board – Ron Lee, Kasey Owens, Gary Prater, Christy Ross, Randy England.

Legislative – Carlene Brown, Carl D. Bouldin, Robert Hennessee, Daniel Owens, Joseph Stotts.

Redistricting – Randy England, Tyrone Sparkman, Phillip Stout, Daniel Owens.

Highway and Bridge – Gary Prater, Michael Bell, Cole Taylor, Randy England, Brad Hillis. 

County Corrections Partnership – Joseph Stotts, Carl D. Bouldin, Steve Glenn, Carl E. Bouldin, Steven Helton.

Policy and Personnel – Steven Helton, Steve Glenn, Tommy Savage, Ron Lee, Tyrone Sparkman.

Health and Welfare – Blaine Wilcher, David Dunlap, Deborah Evans, Joseph Stotts, Kasey Owens.

Education Committee – Carlene Brown, David Dunlap, Deborah Evans, Robert Hennessee, Phillip Stout.

Economic and Agriculture Development – Carl D. Bouldin, Michael Bell, Brad Hillis, Ron Lee, Gary Martin. 

Financial Management – Gary Martin, Scott Rubley, Daniel Owens, Blaine Wilcher. Required to be on the committee are the County Executive, Road Superintendent, and Director of Schools. 

The county Non-Profit Budget Review Committee is comprised of the chairpersons of all standing committees. Because the commission held off on appointing committee chairs, those members are not known.