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Wilcher addresses procedural concerns
Wilcher Addresses Unfollowed Procedure 2.jpg

County Commission chair Blaine Wilcher addressed some concerns other commissioners have voiced about procedures not being followed during full court meetings. 

At the county’s Legislative Committee meeting this month, commissioners discussed a few different procedures that are not being followed during County Commission meetings. One of the procedures discussed was having the County Clerk repeat the motion before the vote to avoid possible confusion.

Wilcher says he thinks repeating the motion would be time consuming and says commissioners need to study their packets and pay attention during meetings. 

“During the discussion in the last Legislative Committee meeting, it was said that I do not have the County Clerk or that I do not repeat the motions before we vote. That is correct,” said Wilcher. “That is the way it has been for the three terms, with three different County Executives. I know, I was there. I don’t have an issue with doing what has been proposed by the committee, but I feel it is unnecessary and will only prolong the meetings. I feel it is more important that each commissioner get their packet as soon as they possibly can, study them, then pay attention when we are going through the meeting and motions are presented. I have tried, as the past chairman has done, to re-state any motion or have the presenter clarify it, if there have been questions about.”  

Wilcher says if any commissioner feels he is wrong, they are welcome to go and watch previous meetings on YouTube and see he has not changed what has worked in the past.

“I know, from confirmation from most of our current commissioners and countless citizens, that we have conducted our meetings in a very orderly fashion over the past three years,” said Wilcher. “I have enjoyed my time as chairman and would serve again, if asked, in the future.”