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Wi-Fi placement causes snag in Civic Center progress
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Bad Wi-Fi placement at the Civic Center is slowing down city officials. 

According to Sain Construction Company project manager Mike Brewer, plan specifications call for the placement of wireless routers to be on the ceiling – a height of 35 feet. 

“Right now, you have wireless routers that are up at 35 feet,” said Brewer. “You’ll probably have continual maintenance on those.”

The information was presented to members of the city’s Ad Hoc Committee. 

“So, if we have to reset the routers, and sometimes those have to be reset manually, we have to get a lift to get up there?” asked Mayor Ben Newman. 

Brewer replied, “Yes. We’ve asked HFR Design the question on why we shouldn’t put the routers at 12 feet. I’ve done and RFI on that. At 12 feet you can do it off a ladder. We haven’t received a response to it yet.”

“If he’s talking about Wi-Fi, we definitely need those lower,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. 

Alderman Steve Harvey askd, “Did they do that to protect them?”

“That’s the only thing I can think of,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. “That’s the only reason I can think of to put them that high.”

Prompting that discussion was a resolution to a similar problem. 

In early April, Brewer informed committee members that none of the doors used to access the indoor tennis court were wide enough for a forklift to fit through and one would be needed to reach the room’s 36-foot-tall ceilings to change light bulbs.

“Kris Teubel (HFR Design project manager) is going to do a revision to add a doorway on the north end of the east building, a double door to the exterior,” said Brewer. “He’s going to give it to HFR and they can make a determination. It’s the best, cheapest way to resolve this issue. You would be able to put a lift in from the exterior of the building through those doors to do anything you want to do later on. 

It will be just a set of double doors and about half the cost of roll-up doors.”

Newman asked, “It won’t be ground level, right?”

“No,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “You’d have to lift it up there with another machine. What we found out is that you’d have to do that anyway from the gym floor. Mike says neither one will fit into an elevator. Either way you do it, you’d have to have a machine to lift the lift onto the second floor. It’s a better idea to do all this from the outside.”

Brewer said the lift will be a stationary one, but it should solve the city’s problem of how to change out light bulbs once the project is complete. 

“Stay on that, Mike, and stay on the double doors,” said Newman. “We need to get those issues resolved.”