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What to do in case of active shooter

A third-party employee of Kroger supermarket in Collierville has been identified as the gunman involved in a mass shooting on Thursday. 

Uk Thang, 29, was identified by Collierville Police Chief Dale Lane as the man who walked into the store just after 1:30 p.m. on Thursday and began shooting. Up to 15 were injured. Shot and killed was Olivia King. Thang’s body was discovered at the back of the store and he was alleged to have committed suicide. 

While some individuals ran from the store, law enforcement discovered others hiding in freezers and in locked offices.

It’s a grim scenario which has unfolded in hundreds of communities across America as gun violence and mass shootings become ingrained in our culture. There have already been 518 mass shootings this year, an average of about 1.9 every single day of the year.

According to McMinnville Police Lt. Ben Cantrell, a certified instructor in active shooter programs, active shooter situations are unpredictable, but if you find yourself in the middle of one, running and hiding are appropriate responses. 

“It’s not anything anyone wants to think about, but an active shooter situation can happen anywhere and at any time,” said Cantrell. “Remain calm, but go into survival mode. If you can exit the building, do it. Run. If you can’t exit, find a place, a room, and barricade the door.”

Confronting the shooter can also be an option.

“Some incidents have been stopped by someone simply yelling at them,” said Cantrell. 

Fighting with the shooter might also be a possible and necessary option in order to save yourself or the lives of others. 

Whichever option you choose, remain calm when law enforcement arrives and follow their instructions

“Officers’ first priority is to identify and locate the shooter,” said Cantrell. “It’s very important for anyone caught in between the two to remain calm and follow instructions. Keep hands visible and empty. Avoid quick movements toward officers. They will begin evacuating people when it’s safe to do so.” 

According to reports, there were more than 40 employees and an unknown number of customers in the store when the shooter entered the building and began firing.