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West construction delayed
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West Elementary’s renovation and expansion project is already suffering a slight delay before it even begins.

According to Upland Design architect Allen Hill, it could likely be the end of October before work begins.

“We are working on the bid documents right now for West,” said Hill. “We are a little bit backed up on that project. It will probably be closer to November than October as far as getting it bid and construction started.”

The project was originally estimated to be bid in September and construction start toward the end of the month. However, a change is being made to the project and that has slowed generating bid documents.

“We are looking at changing out the current cafeteria and kitchen to a library and computer lab and building a new cafeteria and kitchen,” said Hill. “Then, adding some bathrooms and redoing the old library into classroom space. That’s where we are at right now.”

Making financial room for the change was the removal of gym renovation and expansion from the project after Upland Design estimated it would cost $1.3 million, out of the $3 million allocated for the entire project.

“With cost estimates, we won’t be able to do anything with the gym right now,” said Hill. “With the money that we had, we felt that was the best use of it right now.”

Actual cost of the project is unknown. When bids are received in October, real numbers will be known.

The update was given to county Education Committee members.