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Weight-loss challenge enters final week
weight loss challenge- alex kisenyi.jpg
Alex Kisenyi lifts weights at USA Gym to keep in shape. Maintaining a healthy weight is key to staying active as you age.

The Southern Standard teamed with USA Gym to encourage Middle Tennessee residents to get up and get active. 

The first weigh-in began the week of Jan. 18-25 and everyone was encouraged to participate. 

Beginning this week, April 22-26, the final weigh-ins will take place at USA Gym, Southern Standard and Smithville Review.

A large incentive is being offered to those who have stuck to their New Year’s resolutions and continued working on improving their health through eating right and exercising. The first-place winner will receive $750 for most pounds lost, while $250 will be awarded to the person losing the greatest percentage of their body weight. The same person is not eligible to win both prizes.

Paige Northcutt, manager of USA Gym, has continued to see those who first weighed in work hard to achieve their goals of losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle. Twenty-two people signed up for the weight loss challenge at USA Gym and have continued to come in two to three days a week to work out. Forty-six people signed up at Southern Standard and Smithville Review.

Northcutt says, “I think this competition has raised awareness in the community on to how to lose weight and be healthy.” 

USA Gym and the Southern Standard staff are excited to see who the winners will be. Regardless of who wins the prize money, each person who signed up and has continued working toward their goals of improving their health is a champ. 

“We are very pleased to play a part in helping people lose weight, feel their best, and achieve a healthy and happy life,” says Southern Standard publisher Pat Zechman.