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WCHS students largely unaware of StopIt app

Many Warren County High School students are unaware of an app aimed to help them report issues anonymously. 

At Monday’s monthly School Board meeting, Evan Womack of the Student Advisory Council said students read about the StopIt app recently in the newspaper, but otherwise said it’s widely unknown by students and staff at WCHS.

“Many of the students haven’t heard of it,” Womack told School Board members.

Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows was happy to provide more information

“This is an anonymous reporting app that you can download if you go to your smartphone right now and type in ‘StopIt’ and you can download that app. There is a code that should be publicized,” said Swallows. “That is good feedback for us to make sure that we are advertising that. We need to get that code out. Once you download the app, you put the code in, and then that gives it a unique access to Warren County High School. And then anything you report at that time is anonymous. And so, we encourage students to download that app because I understand. We were all high school students once a while ago and we want you to feel like you can report. My encouragement, and I said this in the article, is if you see it with your own eyes, or hear it with your own ears, report it,” Swallows.

This app has been available since 2019, but not all students were aware of it. The app is for students in grades 6-12 who are less likely to talk to adults comfortably about bullying, cyberbullying, student well-being, substance abuse, and safety. The school system paid $4,500 for the app.

“A lot of the trouble that we get into is ‘I heard this on social media’ and we start to spread it to our neighbors and the next thing we know we are reporting false information and that is why I encourage the use of this app,” said Swallows. “It will actually allow you to upload pictures anonymously as well. So if you get a social media something that you see with your own eyes and you want to report that to our administrators, it will go straight to their email and they will get that.”

StopIt is free to download for students in grades 6-12.