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WC Animal Control gets cat-astrophic increase
Animal control has 41 cats.jpg
Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has recently seen a sharp rise in cats. The facility currently houses 41 cats, many of which are kittens, including the ones pictured here. Adoptions are scheduled to return to normal this Tuesday, Sept. 14. - photo by Nikki Childers

A deluge of cats continues to prove problematic for Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

During the Health and Welfare Committee meeting that took place Thursday night, Animal Control director Sherri Bradley revealed the facility’s number of cats has surged, citing the cause of this influx as a side effect of multiple pregnant cats delivering litters in recent weeks.

“We did a count this morning and we are up to 41 cats,” said Bradley. 

For the month of August, Animal Control has taken in 41 dogs and 38 cats, adopting out 37 dogs and 16 cats. 

Animal Control has been, and will continue to be, in quarantine due to concerns of canine parvovirus until Tuesday, Sept. 14. This has prevented any animals from being adopted out while the staff has worked to contain the disease. It is a virulent disease that is oftentimes fatal. 

Bradley did report that three dogs had unfortunately died from the disease, but much of the potential damage had been curtailed by their aggressive mitigation work.

Currently, Animal Control is set to reopen Tuesday as originally scheduled, at which time animal intake and adoption can resume.