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Watch out for dog catcher in new Dream Reality Group original musical in May
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Dream Reality animals color.jpg
Pictured are two of the four life-size canine characters in “Dog Party” an original musical by Dream Reality Group.

You gotta be original.

Dream Reality Group has written its first original musical called “Dog Party” set to make its debut at Park Theater in May.

Dream Reality Group founder Logan Taylor says he spent his COVID isolation well, taking eight to nine months to write an entirely original production.

“This is something we’ve created from scratch and I think families will love for years to come,” said Taylor. “Four dogs go on an adventure and they try to elude a villainous dog catcher. It’s very much a show designed for kids and it’s a show with big mascot characters like Sesame Street Live or Dora the Explorer. I’m very excited about this show.”

“Dog Party” is set to play at Park Theater from May 7-9. Tickets go on sale April 5. Ticket price is $12.

“Leading up to the show, our characters are going to be very visible in public to create interest,” said Taylor. “These are great costumes, like something you’d see at Disney World. The actors have been really receptive to what we’re trying to do and they’re been just great. It’s going to be a show you don’t want to miss.”

Since talking or singing to an audience from inside a costume is not feasible, the show is entirely pre-recorded. Seasoned stage veterans from the Dream Reality Group stable provide the voices – Elijah Hernandez, Anna Kneip, Richard Maneiro, Dylan Womack and Carter Cantrell. 

The actors inside the dog costumes are Mary Margaret Stanley, Sydney Cook, Brennen Beaty and Claire Brooks. Carter Cantrell plays the dog catcher.

“I hope this is a great relaunch,” said Taylor about being sidelined for a year due to the pandemic. “We are planning more performances for the summer and fall where youth actors will get a chance to participate.”