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Warren County Schools scores going up
Grant Swallows
Grant Swallows

Test scores for the 2021-22 school year are in the process of being released, and the Warren County School District has seen student gains in many areas.

School districts across Tennessee completed end-of-theyear testing in April through the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). Students ranging from second grade through 11th grade are assessed on knowledge in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Social Studies, and Science.

Results from those tests have been released to districts in increments throughout the summer.

“We are very encouraged with our progress in several subject areas because in Warren County more students are meeting and exceeding expectations,” said Director of Schools Grant Swallows. “We get so much data from these tests and are held accountable in different ways, but at the end of the day, more students succeeded in our schools than a year ago, and that’s cause for celebration.”

Student score reports will be given to students this coming week.

Data reports indicate that students in ELA, Math and Social Studies outperformed 2020-21 results in Warren County. Students are placed in one of four categories based on their score results: below expectations, approaching expectations, meets expectations, or exceeds expectations.

In ELA, 184 more students moved into either the meets or exceeds expectations category. Highlighting that gain were sixth-grade results that increased by more than 9%.

Also, students in English II (typically a 10th grade course) and English I (typically a 9th grade course) gained by more than 7%.

“Achievement in ELA has been a focus in our state the last several years and we are proud of the growth our students have made during a transition to curriculum that’s more rigorous,” said Swallows. “I think it speaks highly of our teachers who have embraced that transition and challenged our students.”

More gains are evident in student performance on the math exams in the district. There were 175 more students who moved into the meets or exceeds expectations categories than a year ago. Some grade levels increased by double-digit percentage points.

Algebra I saw a 12% increase, and sixth-grade math improved by more than 11% in terms of student achievement.

In Social Studies, only students in grades 6-8 take a TCAP test.

Forty-nine more students moved into the meets or exceeds expectations categories than 2020-21. Grade six once again highlighted this category with a 10% increase.

“These percentages are based on a grade level’s performance compared to that same grade level’s performance a year ago,” said Swallows. “With that said, when we began comparing specific grade levels to their own performance from last year, we also saw great gains. For example, third-graders in our district moved up 11 percentage points in ELA from second grade. That’s really significant in terms of achievement on testing.”

In the coming days, more data will be released specifically around the Tennessee Value Added Assessment System (TVAAS).

This system uses the same student results to compare growth to all other grade levels throughout the state.

“You have to be careful when looking at score reports to know that while we are encouraged with our growth locally, we still have a great deal of work to do, “ Swallows said. “When comparing our growth to other districts in the state, it wasn’t as fast as some. There are several reasons for that, but I think it’s important to know that our growth has been steady compared to some other districts who grew a great deal based on the lack of achievement in 2020-21. We believe in what we are doing in Warren County and know that through focused efforts on educating the whole child, students will continue to move forward in all areas including on state tests.”

The Tennessee Department of Education is also providing parent resources related to test scores through the TCAP Family Portal. This website is designed to help families understand their student score report as well as provide resources to help improve achievement.

A unique student ID number is needed that will be provided on the paper copy of the score report. If there are any questions, parents are encouraged to reach out to their schools for assistance.