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Use this month to get ready for Stars and Stripes Fun Run
If youre looking to get in good enough shape to participate in the annual Fun Run on the Fourth of July, USA Gym has a one-month program to get you prepared.
The arrival of June means the Fourth of July is nearly one month away – and with it comes the annual Stars and Stripes Fun Run in downtown McMinnville.If you’ve long thought about participating in the Fun Run, but you don’t exercise regularly, Paige Northcutt at USA Gym has the answer. She has a one-month program that can get you ready for the 5K event, which is one of the largest annual foot races in McMinnville.“Even if you’re a couch potato and haven’t been doing anything, one month is enough to get you ready for a 5K,” said Northcutt. “The first step is to start walking.