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Two indicted for second-degree murder
Murder, Cherry.jpg

Two second-degree murder indictments were handed down Friday by the Warren County grand jury for a shooting that took place during a reported slugfest inside a local motorcycle club.

John William Cherry, 66, and Kate Prichard, 28, were both indicted for second-degree murder, according to District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis. Timothy Wayne Baer, 53, was indicted for aggravated assault.

They are charged in the death of Dennis Carter, 51, who was shot to death June 1, 2019 inside Rebels Motorcycle Club at 833 Pike Hill Road. Carter was a military veteran.

Zavogiannis said there is sufficient evidence to support the murder indictments, although she declined to elaborate on details of the investigation.

Based on reports, the shooting escalated from a fight between Baer and Carter. The Sheriff's Department mugshot of Baer suggests the fight may not have gone his way.

Since both Cherry and Prichard were indicted for second-degree murder, it hasn’t been established who prosecutors believe pulled the trigger of the gun which killed Carter. TBI ballistic results were expected to shed light on that aspect.

“Evidence has been recovered from the scene and sent to the TBI Forensics Crime Lab,” said Sherriff Tommy Myers after the scene was processed. “We’ll know more once the forensics team has evaluated these pieces of evidence.”

Defense attorney Bud Sharp represents Cherry and maintains his client’s innocence.

“There’s no substantive evidence my client did anything illegal,” said Sharp.