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Two days, two hit and runs
Hit and run - Arms.jpg
McMinnville police officers respond to Arms Apartments on Tuesday after a bicycle rider was reportedly struck by a minivan.

Two hit-and-run drivers left the scene on back-to-back days this week, first hitting a man on a bicycle Tuesday, then a pedestrian Wednesday.

The more serious accident happened Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. on Nashville Highway in Newtown. Three pedestrians were returning from a trip to Dollar General when a 17-year-old male was struck and later life-flighted.

“They were walking with their back to traffic and the car was well on the shoulder when it hit him,” said state trooper Rodney Whiles, who indicated the victim was thrown onto the hood of the car.

Whiles said there was shattered glass at the scene and other fragments from the vehicle. Investigators are using that evidence to determine the make and model. He says it’s a black car with damage to its front bumper and it will be missing its passenger-side window.

The injuries to the victim are described as fairly significant to an arm and his abdomen. The point of impact was near Nashville Highway’s intersection with Spring Valley Road.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Highway Patrol at (423) 326-4357 or McMinnville Police at 473-3808.

The hit-and-run comes a day after a bicycle rider was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of Arms Apartments on Tuesday afternoon. The 23-year-old male who was riding the bicycle suffered a leg injury.

A gold minivan was described as the vehicle responsible. It was reportedly seen leaving Arms Apartments and pulling on the bypass and heading toward Morrison.

A vehicle fitting that description was pulled over a few minutes later on Manchester Highway but it did not have any damage and the driver claimed to be nowhere near Arms Apartments at the time.

The motorist was allowed to leave.