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Two arrested in undercover drug sting
Caleb Blake Jones.jpg
Caleb Blake Jones
Daniel Soria.jpg
Daniel Soria

Is it heroin or fentanyl? An undercover buy over the weekend resulted in the arrest of two Warren County men, but that question has yet to be answered.

“Many users believe that what they are getting is heroin, but it’s really fentanyl,” said McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley. “Some may know what they are getting and some may not. They all know there’s a risk involved because fentanyl is being added to heroin to increase its potency but they continue to take the risk.”

That statement came following the arrests of Daniel Soria, 23, and Caleb Blake Jones, 25, who allegedly sold heroin to undercover officers posing as buyers.

“We tested the substance and it came back as fentanyl, not heroin,” said Mosley. “However, to be absolutely certain, we have to send it to the lab for testing. Not sure when those results will be back. If it is fentanyl, we likely saved someone from an overdose. It was being sold as heroin, so it had the potential to be deadly to the user.” 

Soria and Jones were arrested on Friday, Dec. 3. Both McMinnville Police Department officers and Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputies were involved in the sting operation, which was led by McMinnville detective Sgt. Eddie Colwell.

“After the CI was sold the heroin, both subjects were immediately arrested on scene,” said Colwell. “The buy money was also recovered.” 

Daniel Soria and Caleb Blake Jones were both charged with manufacture, delivery, or sale of a controlled substance. Bonds are set at $100,000.