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Turner's Bend Road repair on hold
Levie Glenn

Residents of Turner’s Bend Road may see a new year begin before witnessing the start of street repair.

According to county Road Superintendent Levie Glenn, the county is awaiting a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Regulatory program and the project cannot move forward without it. 

“We are still waiting on Corps of Engineers permitting,” Glenn said. “I know it seems like it’s taking a long time, but you can’t rush them. We’ve staying in touch with them. You could go ahead with the project and could be fined because of the water. If it wasn’t close to Collins River, it would be different. That permit is still pending.”

Turner’s Bend Road sustained up to an estimated $150,000 in damage due to heavy rain in February. Residents in the area reported the Collins River rose over 20 feet and washed out the roadway. The force of the current caused two areas to give way.

Because the project could impact the river, a special permit is required. When the project does receive a green light from the Corps of Engineers, a pre-construction meeting must be held and a start date set for the project.

Temporary street closures will be required for the two-phase project. 

“I’ve ordered the signs for when I need to close it,” said Glenn. “We’ll work on the worst section first, coming in from Myers Cove Road. When we start the project, the weather will dictate what we can do and when.”

An update was given during a county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting. Glenn requested permission for a budgetary transfer of $65,000 from motor vehicles to highway equipment to help purchase two new dumptrucks. 

“I’d like to move that money into what I’ve already got and I can purchase two new dumptrucks,” he said. “I got some bids and they’ll be about $152,000 apiece for a Peterbilt with a 15-foot dump bed on them, standard of what we’ve got.”

Committee members gave initial approval for the transfer. However, final approval must come from the full Warren County Commission.

Given the permit, required pre-construction meeting and start date, the project is likely on hold until 2020.