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Turnaround shot down
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The person proposing the closure of Lynn Road reached out to the Standard to explain he wanted to try and improve the road, not negatively affect his neighbors. 

Last week the county Highway and Bridge Committee voted to keep Lynn Road open after hearing opposition from people who live on the road. During the meeting it was said that  Steve Carroll, owner of Bankpak, wanted to make Lynn Road a private road.

Carroll explained that he was hoping to improve the traffic situation on Lynn Road by creating a turnaround at the end of the street. Lynn Road is a dead-end road, so drivers who mistakenly go down the road have to turn around in residents’ driveways. Carroll said he agreed to pay for the turnaround and have it put on his existing property. 

“There are a lot of things we are trying to do to improve Warren County, but this article makes it look like we want to ruin Warren County and that is not our intention at all,” he said.

He explained last fall he made an agreement with the county to put a turnaround on his property and bear all the expenses. 

“We were wanting to basically gate it off and put in a turnaround so people who came down the road who don’t live there would  have a place to turn around and also so the residents of Lynn Road have a place for fire trucks and school buses and things like that to turn around. That's what the county proposed and we agreed to it,” said Carroll.

There were a few meetings regarding the road closure and a public hearing where Carroll says no one showed up to oppose the closure. 

He says he spoke to attorney Robert Bratcher who, the last Carroll heard, was going to look into the rules to close a county road. 

Since the county Highway and Bridge Committee made a motion to keep the road open, the turnaround will not be added. Carroll wanted to clear up misconceptions regarding what was proposed to take place on Lynn Road.