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Trustee drive-thru aims for Oct. 1 completion
county trustee drive-thru2.jpg
File photo - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Construction of a drive-thru at the office of the Warren County Trustee began months ago and then appeared to stop. 

Warren County building maintenance director Greg Bowdoin says confusion – who’s doing what and when – slowed the installation of the drive-thru tube system. 

“I had to pinpoint everybody because everybody was kind of going around in circles,” said Bowdoin. “David Grissom (of Grissom Underground) was waiting on this person. This person was waiting on that person. So …”

Grissom Underground is handling the groundwork and site preparation. An awning was purchased from Warren Aluminum, which will be handling that installation. 

The tube system, installation included, was purchased from BankPak. Warren County employees provided the electrical work. Paving will be through Rogers Group.

“David has got the concrete poured for the two pillars or beams,” said Bowdoin. “That is where the tube system will be set. Now, I’m waiting on Warren Aluminum to put the awning up out there before BankPak can come in and put the tube system in. It has got to be covered before they can.”

An update was provided to members of the county Building and Grounds Committee. 

Commissioner Robert Hennessee asked if BankPak will be handling the work inside the building, to which Bowdoin stated, “Yes. There will be some I have to do. If I cut the sheetrock out, I’ll have to put it back and paint.”

Trustee Darlene Bryant has expressed a desire for completion by Oct. 1, but Bowdoin says that is unlikely.

“Rogers Group said it would be the middle or the end of October before they could get to it,” said Bowdoin, who tossed out another issue that could delay the project even longer. “We’re using a bid contract between Rogers Group and Warren County Highway Department. That contract runs out Oct. 31. If he can’t get to it and that contract ends, we will have to be rebid paving.”

But Bowdoin remains optimistic.

“We’re shooting for Oct. 1,” said Bowdoin. “Hopefully, we can make that happen.”