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Triple M offers fresh approach to produce
John McCormick Sr. stands by some of the fruits and vegetables he has for sale at Triple M Produce, which is open Monday thru Saturday.

One bad apple really can spoil the bunch.

That’s why John McCormick pays close attention to all his produce to ensure he sells only the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Triple M Produce has opened at 715 South Chancery Street, a longtime fruit stand location. Despite the winter months approaching, McCormick has a selection of tomatoes, apples, oranges, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pears and onions.

“We’ve sold a good bit already,” said McCormick, who has been open 10 days. “I go through everything we have in stock every day to make sure it’s all fresh. Customers don’t want to come in and see bad spots. I make sure it’s the best quality.”

McCormick runs the business with his son, John McCormick Jr., who served two tours of duty in Iraq, and another partner. He said he had been setting up outside his block building to gain the attention of passing motorists, but he was driven inside Friday by the bitter cold.
McCormick says he will remain open throughout the winter and really expand his offerings when growing season picks up in the spring. He says he will eventually carry green beans, corn, peppers, squash, melons and other garden favorites.

“A lot of our stuff is priced way below what you’d pay in grocery stores,” said McCormick, who said he monitors the prices at local stores and can be up to 50 percent cheaper.

Triple M Produce has taken over a spot long occupied by David Henry, who sold produce there for more than 15 years before his passing in October. Although the two produce businesses are not affiliated, McCormick said he worked with Henry for six or seven years at AquaTech and was a customer at his produce stand.

Triple M Produce is open Monday thru Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.