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Trio indicted after getaway car driven to jail
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Three individuals have driven themselves into receiving indictments on charges of robbery, aggravated burglary and theft of property after the getaway vehicle used during an alleged home invasion was driven to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. 

Kyle Reese, 19, Katelyn Carr, 19, and Anthony Walker, 28, were indicted on charges of robbery, aggravated burglary and theft of property during the March meeting of the grand jury. Walker was also indicted for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

The indictments come after the three allegedly visited the home of the victim in October 2019 where two men reported their car had broken down. The two individuals requested to use a phone, and the victim obliged. 

The men claimed they had called a garage to tow the vehicle, but it was too expensive to do so. The victim offered to give them a ride to town and the men accepted. 

When the victim turned around to put on his shoes, the two suspects allegedly attacked him from behind. A struggle ensued, and the victim attempted to reach for a handgun lying on the sofa. However, the intruders were able to grab the gun first.

The victim fled and ran out his front door when realizing the intruders were in possession of the weapon. The gun was reportedly fired at him while he was running in the front yard, leading him to attempt to take cover around the back of the house.

The victim witnessed two more individuals in ski masks standing outside in the back and decided to continue running. 

Upon hiding, he saw an older black Ford Mustang drive up, which the suspects climbed inside and left. The license plate on the Mustang was surrounded with unique blue lights. A neighbor of the victim claimed they had also witnessed the same car in the area that night. 

The following day, one of the suspects drove the alleged getaway vehicle to the jail in order for their friend to put money on a family member’s commissary card. The vehicle matched the description of the one used during the crime, and was driven to the jail while deputies were out searching for it.

 “It was the vehicle we had been looking for all day,” said Sheriff Tommy Myers in a previous story. “We approached the car and found marijuana and alcohol, and the juvenile driver was charged that night. That’s when we began looking up known associates of that juvenile, and we found several pictures we took to the victim. He was able to pick out the two people who were at his house because he got a good look at them that night.”