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Tractor pull canceled
Viola Tractor Pull 2019.jpg
The tractor pull associated with Viola Valley Homecoming could still be a go in August, but June’s tractor pull for Viola Fire Department has been canceled. Pictured is a participant in last year’s event.

Viola Fire Department has canceled its annual tractor pull. 

“There are so many unknowns at this time going on,” said Fire Chief Wayne Davenport. “We felt it was best to do away with it this year.”

Fire Capt. Chris Helton says the decision was not an easy one to make. 

“We felt, at this time, the risk verses reward just wasn’t there,” said Helton. “That coupled with the governor’s guidelines on events such as this and social distancing recommendations, we didn’t feel like we could pull this off. We rely heavily on volunteers. Could we get enough volunteers? We didn’t know.” 

The Middle Tennessee Pullers Association-sanctioned event is the biggest fundraiser held by the fire department each year. 

“Much like everyone else, we’ll have to watch our spending for a while,” said Helton. “We work very diligently to accumulate an emergency fund for situations like this. We have that set aside and now we have to use it. We’ve always practiced good management of our funds. If we have to tighten our belts, we can do that. We’ll prioritize purchases and wait for better days.”

There are traditionally two annual tractor pulls in Viola. This one is organized by Viola Fire Department in June. A second one is held by Viola Valley Homecoming Commission in August. 

The fate of the tractor pull in conjunction with Viola Valley Homecoming has not been announced.