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Three-way stop requested for Post Road
Post Road speeding1.jpg
A three-way stop is under consideration for the intersection of Post Road and Sunset Drive. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Is speeding a problem on Post Road? 

McMinnville officials have received a request for a three-way stop at its intersection with Sunset Drive to slow motorists. 

“We live on Post Road and I have a concern about the speed people travel on our street,” said Tracie McCord in addressing the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday. “On more than one occasion, I’ve witnessed people running up Post Road and having to jump into a ditch to avoid being hit.”

McCord says she has experienced several “near misses” while checking her mailbox and has witnessed the same thing almost happen to her neighbors while they check theirs. Additionally, her efforts to keep Post Road trash free has encountered issues. 

“During the summer months, I walk the section of Post Road, from our home about midway up the hill, picking up trash. I’ve had my hat blown off my head, because cars are traveling too fast. They may be doing the speed limit of 30 mph, but that is too fast for a neighborhood.”

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on city streets is 30 mph. 

“Years ago, former Mayor (Jimmy) Haley told me that he would get Post Road paved and get rid of all the potholes,” said McCord. “I pleaded with him to please not do that. It’s the only thing that makes people slow down. Most people think of Post Road as just a cut-thru to the Milner Center or to Walmart.”

McCord continued, “Halloween of 2020, we sat at the end of our driveway to hand out candy. People were parked on the side of the road and kids piled out of cars and they went to gather their treats. Cars were still flying up and down Post Road, as if nothing was going on. I ask you to think about it. What will it take? Will it take someone getting hurt in one of our neighborhoods?"

McCord requested the city place a three-way stop at Post Road and Sunset Drive, and consideration be given to lowering the citywide speed limit.