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Teen to be tried as adult for murder
Sam Brinkley, 17, has been transferred from juvenile to adult court.

The teen who allegedly opened fire on a sleeping man during a botched drug heist in January has been found sane and will face trial as an adult for murder.
The alleged killer, Sam Brinkley, 17, has been transferred from juvenile to adult court by Juvenile Court Judge Bill Locke. The move came after a mental competency report found Brinkley competent to stand trial for the murder of Oswaldo Luna, 43.
There had been a delay in transferring Brinkley after his defense brought up the question of his sanity during a transfer hearing that led to the transfer of fellow teen conspirators Charles Guess, Malik Scott and Melvin Horn, all who were 17 at the time of the crime. They join Nicholas D. McGee, 20, and Tyler Allen Jones, 19, the two adults in the conspiracy, in facing charges for Luna’s death.
The teens, with the exception of Brinkley, who was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, were all transferred to adult court following a hearing last month. Questions about Brinkley’s sanity were argued in private after the press and general public were kicked out of the hearing when Public Defender John Partin, who serves as Brinkley’s attorney, claimed his client had a right to privacy with his mental status.
The six are charged with the robbery and murder of Luna, whose body was found inside a small trailer where he lived behind a business on Beersheba Street. The suspects all tendered statements, admitting to their various roles in the botched robbery. Brinkley allegedly admitted to riddling the small trailer with bullets after he opened the door. He claimed he thought Luna might be armed and was part of an organized drug ring.
The suspects told lawmen they thought they were robbing Luna of a large amount of drugs. However, Brinkley left with only a small bag of marijuana and the victim’s wallet after killing him.
All six suspects are from Coffee County.
With Brinkley now categorized as an adult, the case against the six can proceed. The cases could be heard as soon as next month by the Warren County grand jury.