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Team of Jones, Moore wins Rook tourney
Glen Moore, left, and James A. Jones won the city’s Multi-County Rook Tournament on Saturday.

McMinnville Parks and Recreation held its fifth Multi-County Rook Tournament on Saturday.

James A. Jones and Glen Moore took the title of grand champions in Division A. 

“Rook is a fun game,” said Jones. “I’ve played every time they have this tournament. Glen was my partner four out of those five tournaments. His grandchild was graduating in Jackson during one tournament and I had to use a substitute.”

All that practice paid off for the duo.

“We’ve had two second-place finishes and two third-place finishes,” said Jones. “We finally got a first-place win. The secret to Rook is being knowledgeable of the game. The next important part is getting the cards. It doesn’t matter how much you know about the game, if you don’t get the cards.”

Second place in A Division went to Brad Cantrell and Jeff Hobbs. Division B winners were Lee Cooper and Shawn Sloan.

“We also had three teams come in from Pikeville who are part of the Pizza King Rook Club up there,” said Parks and Recreation program coordinator Kyle Clyde.

Traveling from Pikeville to McMinnville were Isaiah Knowles, Donnie Barbonnex, Cindy Nitter, Willie Pendergrass, Michaela Howser, and David Altman. 

The next Multi-County Rook Tournament will be Nov. 16.