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Teacher reassigned
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A teacher cited when drug paraphernalia was found inside his vehicle during a K-9 search of the high school campus last week has been sent to Warren Academy.
“On advice of legal counsel, Mr. Tommy Davis is being reinstated to his employment after serving his unpaid suspension,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “He is being reassigned to Warren Academy.”
The high school teacher has been on unpaid suspension since the surprise inspection of WCHS parking lots by drug dogs Feb. 13. He, along with three students, were cited into court after dogs indicated a presence of drugs in their vehicles. No drugs were found but paraphernalia was discovered in each case.
Possession of drug paraphernalia is forbidden on school campus. In the case of Davis, hemostats and rolling papers were found, two items law enforcement commonly sees connected with smoking marijuana.
The suspension of the popular teacher and political activist led to a groundswell of support on social media. A group asking the school system to give Davis his job back was started even though Davis was never terminated from employment.
Given the fact Warren Academy is an alternative school and the landing spot for students who get into trouble for violating school rules, Cox clarified the move.
“This is not punishment,” Cox said. “It is a transfer and reassignment.”
Davis’ exact duties will be determined by Franklin Fisher, principal at Warren Academy.
The misdemeanor citation against Davis will be heard April 18 before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. Such infractions are usually settled by probation and fine for first offenders. Should the teacher seek a settlement, he may request a judicial diversion where his record would be erased at the end of his probationary period.