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Teacher could have criminal case erased
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A teacher caught with drug paraphernalia in his vehicle during a surprise drug inspection has had his criminal case suspended, but will not be getting off completely free.
The teacher, Tommy Davis, 42, entered a memorandum of understanding this past week in which prosecutors suspended charges against him for one year. Provided he does not get in any more trouble and completes the requirements of his agreement, his charges will be forgotten by the state as part of the pre-trial diversion.
The former WCHS history teacher was caught in possession of rolling papers and hemostats (both considered drug paraphernalia) when lawmen conducted a surprise canine search of the WCHS campus in February. He was placed on unpaid suspension after he was cited, but has since been reassigned to Warren Academy and remains on staff. There were also three students cited as result of the surprise search. Their cases were heard in juvenile court.
In his memorandum of understanding, Davis agreed to pay a $150 fine to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department drug fund. He will also be required to take a follicle 5 panel test every three months and provide the results to the district attorney. The tests will be at his own expense.
Davis must also pay court costs, behave in “a manner consistent with good citizenship” and not commit any further criminal offense.
Provided he meets the requirements, the citation will not go on his record.