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Teacher arrested for meth
Jessica Gillespie.jpg
Jessica Gillespie

A Warren County teacher has been suspended without pay after being arrested over the weekend for possession of meth.

Jessica Gillespie, 35, was arrested Saturday afternoon on charges of possession of meth and second-offense DUI. She is a second-grade teacher at Hickory Creek Elementary.

According to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, Gillespie has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. He said such action is school system protocol.

The incident occurred Saturday around 1:30 p.m. when McMinnville Police officer Chris Odom stopped a Ford SUV driven by Gillespie on Sparta Street. 

He suspected the driver was texting and driving.

The female driver was observed “to have a cellphone in front of her face appearing to be texting,” said officer Odom in his arrest warrant. Upon making the stop, Odom said Gillespie admitted to looking at her phone and received a text while talking to the officer. However, that was not the most concerning aspect of the traffic stop.

Gillespie was found to have “rapid speech along with bloodshot and watery eyes.” She also had “an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her person.”

She consented to a field sobriety test and performed unsatisfactorily, according to the officer. “Ms. Gillespie was too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely,” he noted.

In accordance with her arrest for DUI, a search was conducted and a white, crystal rock was found inside a makeup container in her purse. It field tested positive for meth, the arrest warrant says.

Gillespie’s initial court appearance is scheduled for this Thursday.