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TBI reveals statewide crime stats
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There were 632,000 reported crimes in Tennessee in 2021, according to figures released Tuesday by the TBI. This represents a 1.3% decrease in statewide crime from 2020.

One problem which isn’t on the way down is meth offenses, which saw an eye-popping rise statewide, increasing 19.7%. Meth offenses were even 6.5% higher than pre-pandemic levels in 2019, the TBI says.

DUI offenses were also up by 3% from last year to a total of 18,758 statewide.

The most common group victimized by crime are those age 25-34. Females represented slightly more than half of the victims of crime at 52.9%. This was in large part due to women being the victims in 71.8% of domestic violence crimes.

Statewide, there were 15 murders by spouse and 30 by boyfriend/ girlfriend. There were 10 people murdered by a child and 10 murdered by a parent, TBI statistics show.

Warren County Sheriff’s Department and McMinnville Police Department both report statistics individually. The TBI did not provide threeyear trends for individual reporting districts.

Warren County Sheriff’s Department reported 1,303 total offenses in 2021, or about 3.5 per day. The Sheriff’s Department cleared 64.5% of its cases by arrest, TBI stats show.

Simple assault was the most common crime with 269 incidents, followed by 197 drug arrests. There were 55 motor vehicles reported stolen, and 8 charged with stalking.

McMinnville Police Department reported 1,138 total offenses in 2021, or about 3.1 per day. The Police Department cleared 63.5% of its cases by arrest.

The most common crime inside the city was simple assault with 255 incidents. Next were drug charges at 174.

There were 98 reported cases of shoplifting and 58 DUIs in the city.

The most common time of day to commit crime was between 3 and 5:59 p.m., just edging the timeframe of 6 to 8:59 p.m.