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Tanner gets 48 hours for chase
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The chasee got probation while the chaser got 48 hours in jail in a car chase between friends that ended with one of them upside down and both in trouble.
The chasee, Jeffery Dewayne Smartt, entered guilty pleas to reckless endangerment and was placed on probation for an 11-month, 29-day period. The chaser, Robert James Tanner, was instructed to serve 48 hours of an 11-29 sentence on the same charge.
Their charges comes after police responded to a crash on Rivercliff Road at the edge of town. McMinnville police officer Bobby Anderson said he found Smartt with his overturned Nissan Maxima at the scene.
“He said he was being chased by a Chevy pickup driven by Robert James Tanner and that the speeds were over 75 mph,” Anderson said,
Tanner’s wife was in the car with Smartt during the chase. She left the scene with her husband after the crash and was gone by the time police arrived.
“They had gone through people’s yards and on the streets, endangering the public,” Anderson said.
The officer called the Tanners back to the scene, at which time Mr. Tanner’s story mirrored that of Smartt concerning the high-speed chase.
“Mr. Tanner stated he was mad his wife was with a friend of his,” Anderson said.
Given the danger presented to the public, both drivers were charged with reckless endangerment.