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Students return to school
Back to school - cafe.jpg
Hickory Creek third-graders D.J. Weitzel, left, and Sloan Youngblood goof off in the cafeteria Wednesday during the first day of school.

Hickory Creek second-graders Layla Woodlee and Lyla Collier had a pleasant surprise when they arrived at school on Wednesday.

“This is the third year in a row we’ve been in the same class,” said Lyla with a smile.

Added Layla, “And our names are almost the same. You don’t know how many times our teachers have called me Lyla and her Layla.”

Wednesday was the first day for Warren County Schools with total enrollment of 6,495 students, including 1,932 at WCHS. Of all the grade levels in Warren County Schools, there are more students in 11th grade than any other with 530 students. Second grade has the fewest students with 427 system-wide.

At Hickory Creek, students were treated to the school system’s video production of “Pioneer Town Road” featuring Director of Schools Bobby Cox showing flashy dance moves. Librarian Lydia Taylor was showing the video to students during their library time.

“It was fun to get the kids involved and hopefully get them excited about the start of school,” said Cox, who normally reserves his musical skills for videos announcing school closures due to bad weather.

The first day was uneventfully fluid, according to Cox, with students and teachers getting back in the flow.

Asked if she was glad to be back at school, Hickory Creek second-grader Kinsley Simpson shrugged and said, “Kind of.”

Classmate Jacob Pease said he’s happy to be back, but added, “I hate homework.”

While students and teachers seemed pleased to return, there’s already a countdown to the first holiday, that being Labor Day on Sept. 2.