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Stroll down memory lane
Seniors enjoy visit to their former elementary school
Grad walk - Carter Templeton.jpg
WCHS senior Carter Templeton gets congratulations from Hickory Creek fourth-graders on Monday as he and other upcoming graduates returned to their former school. Templeton said it was the first time he returned since fifth grade.

Back when they were in elementary school and just learning about computers, Chloe Volf sent one of her first emails to Luke Winkler. 

Years later, on the verge of WCHS graduation this Friday night at 7 p.m., the two seniors were talking about their email exchange as they reminisced about their days at Hickory Creek Elementary. The two were at the school as part of the annual Grad Walk.

“We always sat next to each other because of our last names, V and W, and one of the first emails I ever sent was to him,” said Chloe.

Added Luke, “We had some great fun in the cafeteria which seemed so much bigger back then. The whole school seemed so big with all of these huge halls that would leave me out of breath when I ran down them. Coming back, it’s not big at all. The third-grade hall is a short little hall.”

Graduates returning to their elementary school has become a cherished local tradition with a few parents in attendance to watch the seniors parade up and down the halls in cap and gown. Many of the seniors at Hickory Creek on Monday revealed they had not returned to the school since they left after fifth grade.

“I don’t think I’ve been back,” said Carter Templeton.

The seniors flocked to a wall that included photos of every class that has attended Hickory Creek since the 2011-12 school year to see if they could find their picture. They talked about mischief they found while at Hickory Creek and their future plans.

J.J. Brown plans to attend Tennessee Tech in the fall and has mostly been fishing these days now that basketball season is over.

“My biggest one so far has been a 5-pounder,” J.J. said.

Second-graders Rayder Crim and Emma Kate Lippe talked about how the Grad Walk reminded them of the Netflix movie “Senior Year.” 

They explained the film is about a senior cheerleader who slips into a coma for 20 years and thinks she’s still in high school when she wakes up.