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Strawberry season in full bloom

You can count little Ella Bain as one of the people excited strawberry season has arrived.

Strawberries will be in abundance this Saturday morning at the Farmers Market with Morrison farmer Seth Greene one of the main producers in attendance.

“We should have strawberries for the next three weeks or so,” said Greene. “We have to pick them every day. You don’t have to refrigerate them after picking, but we always put them in the shade and you have to sell them fairly quickly.”

Greene says picking strawberries is labor intensive.

“You have to get down on your hands and knees,” said Greene. “There’s a lot of bending.”

Prices for just about everything are going up, but Greene says he is selling his strawberries at $20 a gallon for the third straight year. He said he used to be one of the lone local strawberry growers at the Farmers Market but more vendors have come on board lately.

“On a good day I will sell around 60 gallons,” said Greene. “That’s only about half of what it used to be. I used to be able to sell 120 gallons on a good day, but there are a lot more people here selling strawberries now than there used to be.”

The Farmers Market is currently open on Saturday and Wednesday mornings. It’s located next to the downtown water tower.