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Storage building to be built at WCHS
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The Board of Education has given the go-ahead for construction of a large storage building on the campus of Warren County High School, a building board members hope will eventually save the school system money.
At a price of $157,500, the 45-by-80 metal building will have a concrete door and loading dock. It is being built by Sain Construction which has done other projects for the school system. Sain entered the lowest bid when the contract was let out recently. The building will be located behind Warren County High School in a fenced area.
According to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, even though construction will cost over $150,000, the building is expected to pay for itself because it will save storage rental costs and for delivery costs when it comes to textbooks.
“We can have our books delivered to one location,” Cox said, noting presently the school system has to pay separate delivery costs to have textbooks delivered to individual schools. The new building, part of which will be climate controlled, will be used for storing textbooks until it is time for them to be taken to the various schools.
“We pay a lot for separate shipping right now,” said Cox.
Along with warehousing books and storing school supplies like paper, Cox said the building will be a place to store surplus goods. An extra upside is the school system could have surplus auctions onsite, making surplus goods easier to sell. Cox added that part of the new building can also be used as a training facility.