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Storage building destroyed
structure fire- building engulfed BEST.jpg
Flames engulf a building on the corner of Old Rock Island Road and Azalea Lane, destroying the structure. At its peak, the fire was estimated to reach 20 feet in height. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt

Flames from a Wednesday afternoon structure fire reached heights of 20 feet, engulfing a building in the Rock Island area in a fiery inferno. 

Forty volunteer firefighters swarmed the scene to combat the massive blaze which destroyed the building, leaving only a small concrete wall behind.

The heat could be felt from down the road and smoke was clearly visible from Highway 70. The building at 1120 Old Rock Island Road on the corner of Old Rock Island Road and Azalea Lane was used for storage and owned by John G. Shaver, who was not on the property at the time.

Due to the large number of objects crowded into the storage building and the high wind speeds reaching 20 mph, the flames overtook the structure quickly.

A yard sale was being held at the storage building at the time of the fire. Earlier in the day, the building’s lights had gone out. Therefore, the fire is presumed to have been caused by an electrical fault. Those attending the yard sale were able to easily leave the property once the fire began.

The call was received at 3:15 p.m. It took firefighters over two hours to extinguish the blaze. No one was injured.

Chief Jeff Matheney of Rock Island-Campaign Volunteer Fire Department said, “Everyone did an excellent job and I’m proud of their hard work. I’m also thankful for those who came to provide mutual aid. All of the volunteers came quickly to the scene to provide safety to the surrounding area and help put out the fire.”