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Stealing lands Steel behind bars for six months
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A woman has been sentenced to half a year behind bars despite her boyfriend trying to take the blame for a string of residential break-ins last year.
The woman, Kelly Lynn Steel, 35, of Watertown, entered guilty pleas on three counts of theft. Her boyfriend, David James Galaz, 37, had his portion of the case continued until April 13.
The couple was charged with three burglaries, the first happening Sept. 18 at a house on McGowan Road in Morrison. Investigators say the suspects broke open the front door while the resident was away. They took numerous items including her checkbook, jewelry, clothing, bedding, electronics and a laptop computer.
Some of the stolen items were found less than a week later when Galaz ran from lawmen on Jacksboro Road. Officers say he ran through a field and was able to get away. However, officers searched the vehicle in which he was riding and found some of the items taken during the Morrison burglary.
In addition to the Morrison case, they are charged with breaking into an outbuilding on Nashville Highway by entering through a sliding door. The suspects took automotive parts. The parts were taken to Southern Central where Steele received payment of just over $200. A security video from the business reportedly shows Galaz getting out of the vehicle at the time of the illegal transaction.
A third burglary happened four days after the first two, this one on Jacksboro Road. Investigators say the suspects pried open the back door of the residence with a crowbar and stole a TV, a Kindle Fire, and a laptop computer.
Sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter said the pair tried to sell the computer at a local pawn shop but the store would not take it because Steel did not have a password to open the computer. The Kindle Fire was found pawned at a shop in Lebanon.