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State provides county an education profile
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What’s the state of education in Warren County?

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has release its Higher Education County Profile for 2018. 

“Tennessee Higher Education Commissioner offers a county profile every year,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “It has to do with not just the school system in general, but the state of education in Warren County as a whole. You can see our graduation rate was 94.2 percent. This lags a year. We are actually over 95 percent. We outperformed the state in that. The state was 89.1 percent.”

The college-going rate, which is the percentage of students graduating from high school and going into college, is lower than the state average. Locally, 51.2 percent of students are continuing their education.

“The state’s college-going rate is 61.5 percent,” said Cox. “We are trying to increase our postsecondary rate. To increase the county’s rate by 5 percent, we need to increase the number of additional students who must enroll in college in the next year by 20. We are exceeding the state on first-time freshmen who are taking advantage of the lottery scholarship and receiving that aid. Ours is 69.7 percent, while the state average is 60.2 percent.”

In 2016, Warren County High School graduates were asked to provide their college top picks: 99 selected Motlow State Community College, 23 Tennessee Tech, 15 Tennessee College of Applied Technology, 14 MTSU, and 9 selected UT-Knoxville or UT-Chattanooga. 

“A lot of times I get questioned about where our students go,” said Cox. “Most of our students go to Motlow. Rightfully so, because we’ve got a branch right here. A lot of our students are taking advantage of that.”

FAFSA (federal application for student aid) filing rate by Warren County seniors is 77.9 percent and 77.9 percent for Tennessee Promise Scholarship. The state average for FAFSA filing is 80.3 percent and the Tennessee Promise filing average is 85.6 percent. 

 “By the end of the year, we will probably be closer to 80 percent or more in FAFSA filing,” said Cox. “Over $417,000 was awarded in scholarships to students in our community in various types with 296 awards given.” 

Information also included the socioeconomic profile:

County median household income is $36,245, while the state’s is $46,574;

County population in poverty rate is 20.7 percent, while the state’s is 17.2 percent;

County unemployment rate is 4.5 percent, while the state’s is 4.6 percent;

Cox presented the information to members of the county’s Education Committee.