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Soothing sounds coming to cave
Sacred Night of Music - Jeanette Jordan.jpg
Jeanette Jordan is pictured using crystal singing bowls which create a mesmerizing tone. They are one of many instruments that will be used at Cumberland Caverns this Saturday.
Sacred Night of Music - Forest Fungi.jpg
Joe Zokan, left, and Ali Banks of Forest Folk Fungi out of Trenton, GA will be two of the musicians in attendance to help create an evening of beautiful and calming music.

Cumberland Caverns’ Volcano Room will be alive with the sound of music that will soothe the weariest of souls this Saturday night. 

Jeanette Jordan of Wild Nettle Wellness will be joined by Stan McGee, as well as Ali Banks and Joe Zokan of Forest Folk Fungi, to create the Sacred Night of Sound event that is sure to provide a balm to those in need of relaxation.

“Myself and three of my dearest friends are coming together to create a soundscape,” said Jeanette. “We are bringing instruments from all over the world into this space, such as the shruti box, African drums and Native American flutes. Humans have been using drums to bring people together since the beginning of time. Our music is organic, we’re not a band but we are musicians who love to play.”

Sound immersion therapy such as this is a powerful relaxation tool that will allow listeners to dull worries and tensions retained from day-to-day stressors. 

“Even before COVID, people don’t know how to relax,” explained Jeanette. “Even if you have a day off, you’re probably worrying about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. We live in this incredibly fast-paced society where we’re on our screens all day or working these stressful 9-to-5 jobs.”

Jeanette goes on to emphasize that environments like the cave afforded during this event give people a chance to relax and feel safe to do so. “For the 90 minutes they’re here, they can really just set everything aside and, for that time, we aren’t worrying about what has or will happen,” explained Jeanette. “We’re going to be in the present moment and soak in the experience, just let everything go. This is something people will sometimes book with me during their massage sessions, because it offers so much relaxation.”

Jeanette’s background in music is rich and varied, beginning with the French horn and piano during her childhood and continuing to the current day where she has shifted her focus into many different areas. She has more recently developed her vocal capabilities while pursuing a career in counseling and music theory with a focus on vocals at Tennessee Tech. 

Her voice is a powerful part of her music, she noted, and will be only one of many different elements included in the sound immersion event. 

The Sacred Night of Sound begins Saturday at 7 p.m. but attendees are encouraged to arrive by 6:30 p.m. to ensure they can be seated. Since the constant temperature in the cave is 56 degrees, it is advised to bring layers in order to keep warm. 

Tickets are still available through Eventbrite and can be purchased by visiting