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Smoking phone disrupts classes
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Students are not allowed to smoke at Warren County High School and neither are their cellphones.

One mobile device broke the rules Thursday morning at approximately 10:30 a.m.

“A student’s cellphone in a classroom by the gym started smoking,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “We assume it was the battery in the cellphone.”

Students were evacuated from that part of the school and emergency personnel responded, including McMinnville Fire Department.

The situation did not escalate.

“The cellphone didn’t explode,” said Cox. “There was a little bit of smoke, but no fire. No students were injured. We ventilated the building and students went back to class.”

In an effort to avoid panic, the school system sent out a voice message and email to high school parents alerting them of the situation.

“Because the fire department was called and people likely saw the trucks at the high school, we wanted to let parents know their children are fine,” said Cox. “We try to make parents aware of anything that might cause them concern.”

Lithium-ion batteries in cellphones and in other devices can fail causing extreme heat and smoke. On rare occasions, they can catch fire.