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Smartt Station Convenience Center forced to relocate
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The railroad has agreed to sign a lease with the county at the Morrison Convenience Center site, but Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts said the Smartt Station site still has to relocate.

“So we have to get off that property, but not Morrison’s?” asked Commissioner Kasey Owens.

“He told us he would sign us a lease if everything goes as the proposal should and everything goes according to plan at Morrison,” said Roberts.

“But they just do not want us in Smartt?” asked Owens.

“That is completely gone,” said Roberts. 

“I mean that is my district so I have to stick up for them. It is just crazy to me that all this has been going on with Morrison and now we are finding a way to keep Morrison’s but Smartt Station’s is going to be gone,” said Owens.

“We were told at the start that if we can fix the leakage at Morrison we could stay, but Smartt out of the four is completely gone for liability issues,” said Roberts. 

A new Smartt Station center will have to be built, but Roberts says he does not have the details on it yet. 

“They are not going to shut it down tomorrow, but where they could go in and shut it down is Morrison. TDEC could walk in tomorrow and put a lock on it. The railroad will allow us time to build a new site for Smartt,” said Roberts.

The railroad is also willing to sign leases with the Starlight and Campaign Convenience Centers as they are currently on railroad property. The railroad is planning to require environmental insurance, which Roberts and lawyers are going to look into. This is still in the early stages of development.