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Slingshot shatters school bus window
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A school bus running its morning route on Wednesday was pelted with a ceramic ball fired from a slingshot. The impact shattered the back window above the exit door at the rear of the bus.

None of the 11 students aboard the bus bound for West Elementary were injured and the people responsible have been identified. The Sheriff’s Department says charges are not expected as it’s believed the bus was hit by accident.

Director of Schools Bobby Cox said there was a comprehensive investigation.

“The first thing we did was looked in the backpacks and jackets of all the students on board as they left the bus to make sure they didn’t have anything that would shatter the glass,” said Cox.

He said the bus driver heard a noise and the back window damage was obvious, but the cause was uncertain.

When the students aboard were cleared, officials turned to the school bus cameras. Video evidence showed the damage came from a projectile outside the bus.

By looking at the cameras, officials determined the damage occurred when the bus was on Bratten Street near the fairgrounds at 6:24 a.m. They were able to locate a ceramic ball that caused the damage and found the culprits, who were reportedly shooting slingshots that morning and pelted the school bus by accident.

“The biggest thing is I’m glad no one was hurt,” said Cox. “It didn’t enter the bus so the safety glass on the bus did its job by staying intact.”

The damage to the school bus window is estimated at $300.