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Sidewalk handrail to be installed
A $5,000 handrail will be placed in the area of Walmart
McMinnville officials have approved the installation of a handrail along the new sidewalk beside Walmart to prevent pedestrians from slipping off the sidewalk and plummeting to the ground below.

More than a sidewalk is being installed on N. Chancery Street. A $5,000 handrail will be placed in the area of Walmart.
“Because of the construction of the sidewalk on Chancery Street near Walmart we’ve run into the need for 115-foot section of handrail,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee. “The sidewalk actually covers the retaining wall that borders the entrance into Walmart. The drive is right beneath it.”
Hennessee contacted three handrail fabricators in McMinnville and asked for a quote on 115-foot section with 1.5-inch handrail with half-inch pickets on 4-inch centers. He received three quotes.
“One quote was a lot less than the other two,” he said. “I contacted that fabricator to make sure we were comparing apples to apples. He gave us an example of a handrail he had built recently between Pizza Hut and Captain D’s and it does meet the criteria for what we need.”
That company is Mott Construction and Fabrication with a bid of $5,000. The other two bids were for $9,520 and $9,775.
The information was presented to Street and Sanitation Committee members Steve Harvey, Jimmy Bonner and Ryle Chastain.
Harvey asked if concern is being given because the cost is half that of the others, to which Hennessee stated, “When I talked to him about it, he’s interested in doing other work for the city. I took it that he’s trying to get his foot in the door for other work – dumpster repair or other fabrication projects that we have from time to time. He didn’t say it specifically but he implied that he’s doing this for the city to get familiar with his work and maybe that would lead to future projects with him.”
The company constructed the handrail between Pizza Hut and Captain D’s. Hennessee says that’s the handrail required.
“The handrail between Pizza Hut and Captain D’s is exactly what we need,” he said. “The sidewalk is on top of the wall. The drive is right underneath it. We needed this type handrail to prevent anybody from crawling through the handrail and get on the backside of the handrail.”
Committee members unanimously approved the expenditure.