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Sheriff's Department requests 40 shotguns
Remington 870P shotgun

Warren County Sheriff’s Department wants to purchase more firepower. 

The county’s Financial Management Committee met Thursday. Among the items of business were shotgun bids. The Sheriff’s Department wants 40 Remington 870P shotguns, or equivalent.

“The Sheriff’s Depart-ment wants to go with the middle bid from Craig’s Firearm Supply,” said Finance Department director Justin Cotten. “It’s a total of 40 shotguns for a total of $22,840.”

A lower bid of $16,957 was received from GT Distributors for 40 Benelli shotguns. King’s Firearms was also for 40 Remington 870P at a cost of $25,608.

“The weapon that Craig’s and King’s both submitted is the Remington 870P, which is a police riot gun,” said sheriff’s investigator Todd Rowland. “It has been the standard for law enforcement use for years. The bid GT sent in is actually a Benelli. Honestly it’s a lesser quality shotgun.” 

Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker says the department hasn’t had new shotguns in decades. 

“It has been probably been 20 to 30 years since the department has purchased new shotguns,” said Walker. “We have the money in the budget. This purchase will give the majority of officers one. Some officers don’t need them because of their position.” 

An annual training session is slated for April.

“We’d like to get the shotguns in before our annual in-service,” said Walker. “We are required every year to do a minimum of 40 hours of in-service training. This year it’s in April.”

Committee members also considered bids for Warren County Schools for a hydrovection oven for Eastside School. Three bids were received: Sam Tell & Son $31,307, Katom Restaurant Supply $31,705, and Douglas Equipment $34,153.

“The low bid didn’t meet specifications,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, who recommended the middle bid be accepted.

Financial Management Committee members unanimously approved the bid from Craig’s Firearms Supply for the shotguns and Katom Restaurant Supply for the hydrovection oven. 

Both purchases will require Warren County Commission approval.