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Seniors walk back in time
Bobby Ray senior paradeBEST.jpg
WCHS seniors Naomi Jones, white gown, and Savannah Copley, blue gown, walk through the third-grade hall Thursday morning at Bobby Ray Elementary.

One thing stuck out for Naomi Jones while walking through the halls of her former elementary school on Thursday.

“All the kids are so small,” said Jones, who is preparing to graduate from WCHS next Friday night. 

Jones was one of 50 high school seniors who paid a visit to Bobby Ray Elementary dressed in cap and gown to participate in a Senior Walk for former students. She attended the school in grades 3-5 along with fellow senior Savannah Copley. The two are buddies now, but not so much in elementary school.

“We didn’t like each other back then,” admitted Copley. “That changed in middle school.”

Current Bobby Ray students lined the halls, held signs of support, and clapped as the seniors made their way through the school. 

Asked her favorite part of attending Bobby Ray, senior Azayla Martin said, “Recess. That’s what we looked forward to.”

Added senior Zoe Wilcher, “It got spicy on the playground.”

Martin was one of the many seniors who mentioned all the remodeling work which has taken place at Bobby Ray.

“It didn’t look anything like this when I went to school here,” Azayla said. “This area wasn’t even here at all,” she said while standing in the gym lobby.

Jace Brantley was the only senior wearing a yellow graduation gown to signify he’s one of the top students in his class.

Fellow senior Braden Bottoms quipped, “Jace is trying to make the rest of us look dumb.”

Kain Haywood went to Bobby Ray for his entire elementary school career. He recalled his favorite memories include, “Playing dodgeball, the firetruck, and field day.”

Haywood said his plans after high school include attending Tennessee College of Applied Technology to become an automotive technician.

After the seniors finished their walk, Bobby Ray principal Monti Hillis briefly addressed the group in the gym and told them to set their goals high.

“We expect you to do great things and have wonderful lives,” said Hillis. “Wherever you go, I want you to remember you were once a Bobby Ray Star.”