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School standardized testing reduced
Last year's snafu triggers changes
"It will be one test and it will be given at the end of the school year." Director of Schools Bobby Cox

Parents and educators who have been clamoring for fewer standardized tests have gotten their wish.
The state has announced standardized testing will be reduced for the upcoming school year.
“It will be one test and it will be given at the end of the school year,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “This is a good thing. Our school superintendents group and our teachers have talked a lot about testing and the length of it. It’s great our state has heard those comments and made some adjustments.”
The announcement was made by Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen as the state transitions to Questar as its primary vendor for TCAP after last year’s testing debacle.
Overall, testing time has been reduced by nearly a third. The exact reductions vary by grade.
In grades 3-8, students will have tests that are 200 to 210 minutes shorter. In high school, most individual end-of-course assessments have been shortened by 40 to 120 minutes.
“We have learned a tremendous amount from our testing experience this past year and we want to make the right adjustments to create a positive, balanced culture around testing in Tennessee’s classrooms,” McQueen said.
Much of the trouble last year surrounded the switch to online testing. A website created by testing company Measurements Inc., crashed because it couldn’t handle such a high volume of users. Paper versions of the test were slow to arrive – or didn’t arrive at all.
It’s been announced all testing in grades 3-8 will be paper and pencil this year with a three-year transition plan to an online platform.
“It’s a possibility there could be an online version for high school,” said Cox, “but it’s more than likely going to be paper and pencil too.”